In 2002 a group of power boat racing administrators representing five codes formed the New Zealand Power Boat Federation Inc. The objects were to create a parent body that offered membership to any organisation that organises, rules upon and/or manages any form of competitive power boating or related water based sport in New Zealand.

The Federation is the acknowledged National Authority for powerboat racing in New Zealand and as such is this country's member to the Union International Motonautique (UIM). The UIM, based in Monaco, is the world governing body for all forms of powerboat racing. They administer the international rules and also allocate and preside over all World Championship events. The Federation is also recognised by Sport New Zealand and as such the Federation receives funding for specific purposes on behalf of its members.

The founding members of the Federation were the NZ Power Boat Association, the NZ Jet Boat Association, the NZ Jet Sprint Association, the NZ Offshore Powerboat Association and the Thundercat Racing Association of NZ. Two appointed persons from each member organisation form the Executive Committee of the Federation.

With the basic functions in place and operational, the Federation has formulated a strategic plan to further its objects in an endeavour to grow the profile, further participation, improve the professionalism and increase publicity of all the member codes.

Another goal of the Federation is to encourage youth participation. Some codes have put in place training schemes with the opportunity for youths to participate with a suitable class of boat in a controlled safe environment.
With collaboration and sharing of information between the member codes this scheme will be encouraged to expand.

Power boating is a sport that has a large following of people. As with other forms of motor sport, it is not only the persons racing but a team of many voluntary boat builders, riggers, mechanics, and the usual general helpers and organisers which often include the involvement of partners and family members. Each of the member codes also has dedicated groups of volunteer officials who willingly give their time in the interest of our sport.

New Zealand has organised and hosted many International powerboat events and New Zealanders have also officiated in many other international events throughout the world.

Even more New Zealanders have competed strongly here and abroad at these events and on many occasions have achieved the status of World Champion. In most instances New Zealand boat building skills and Kiwi ingenuity have stood out beside good driving skills.

This combined International participation has gained much publicity for New Zealand globally but often has had insufficient recognition within our own country. The Federation will endeavour to build upon our combined successes by facilitating publicity, which will in turn help to increase participation and most importantly, assist event organisers and participants to gain vitally needed funding.

Safety is always an issue with any form of motor sport. All member codes of the Federation take pride in the high standards practised in New Zealand. With the exchange of dialogue and sharing of information within the Federation each code can help enhance the total aspect of safety within our sport. Our link to the UIM also provides International standards of safety for course design, boat design and minimum standards of construction, especially in the areas of driver protection. We are able to draw on the experience and expertise of nearly 60 member nations.

The Jet Boat Association's main activities are recreational and not racing. 2007 saw the Jet Boat Association resign from the Federation in favour of the New Jet Boat River Racing Association becoming a voting member on the Federation.

Our Federation is firmly established and has a very competent executive. We look forward to achieving our goals of further growth and the enhancement of the sport of power boat racing in New Zealand.